Red Lacquered Stands, Shanxi Province, C19th (W49 D32 H80cm)

Low Square Table, Shadong Province, C19th (W97 D97 H51)

Rose Wood Table, Jiangsu Province, C19th (W102 D26 H82cm)

Kang Table, Shanxi Province, C19th (W93 D93 H50)

SOLD- Black Lacquered Table, Shanxi Province, C19th (W95 D23 H85 cm)

SOLD - Black Lacquered Stands with Stone Inlaid, Shanxi Province, circa 1920 (W45 D45 H121cm )

SOLD - Crackled Black Lacquered Scroll Table, Shanxi Province, C19th (W130 D50 H50cm )

SOLD Black Lacquered Stands, Shanxi Province, circa 1920 SOLD (W60 D45 H86 )

SOLD - Hualimu Wood Table with Everted Ends, Shanxi Province, C19th (W102 D26 H83cm)

SOLD - Fruitwood Side Table with Humpback Stretchers and Hoof Feet, Shanxi Province, 1900 (W108 D24.5 H79.5cm)

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