Pair of Armchairs, Shanxi Province, late 18th (W50 D43 H105cm)

Yokeback Elm Chairs, Shanxi Province, C19th (W57 D44 H117)

Roundback Folding Armchair, Shanxi Province, C19th (W62 D41 H103 cm)

Black Lacquered Roundback Chairs with Carved Bat Motiv, Henan, Province, C19th (W59 D61 H90 cm)

Pear Wood Yokeback Armchairs, Shanxi Province, circa 1920 (W59 D45.5 H116cm)

Continuous Yokeback Armchairs, Shanxi Province, circa 1920 (W57 D52 H119 cm )

Yokeback Side Chairs , Shanxi Province C19th (W50 D40.5 H118cm)

Lacquered Yokeback Armchairs, Shanxi Province, circa 1920 (W64 D66 H121 cm)

Continuous Yokeback Armchair, Shanxi Province, C19th (W57 D50 H121 cm)

Red Folding Chair, Shanxi Province, C19th (W)

SOLD - Wavy Back Chairs, Shanxi Province, Early C20th (.)

SOLD - Black Lacquered Side Chairs, Shanxi Province, C19th (.)

Roundback Lacquered Chair, Shandong Province, late 18Cth (W57 D46 H97 cm)

SOLD - Elm Wood Yokeback Armchairs with Carved Fortuitous Characters, Shanxi Province, C19th (W66 D53 H122 cm)

SOLD - Walnut Roundback Chairs with Carved Longlife Character, Shanxi Province, C19th (W58 D52 H95cm )

SOLD Pair of Elm Benches (W133.5 D17.5 H50cm)

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