Tall Walnut Adjustable Lamp Stands, Shanxi Province, C19th (H158cm )

Tall Black Lacquered Adjustable Candlesticks, Shanxi Province, C19th (H158cm )

Black Lacquer Hanger with Dragon Heads, Shanxi Province, C19th (W132 D41(feet) H124cm)

Black Lacquered Garment Hanger with Gold Dragon Heads, Shanxi Province C19th (W130 D27 )

Red Lacquered Garment Hanger with Gilt Dragon Heads, Fujian Province, C19th (W136 D35 H151 cm)

Red Lacquered Garment Hanger, Fujian Province, C19th (W133 D34 H153 cm)

SOLD Black Lacquered Hanger with Geometric Base, Shanxi Province, C19th (W59 H125 cm)

SOLD-Hanger with Lattice Decor, Shanxi Province, C19th (W79 H138 cm)

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