Tall Walnut Adjustable Lamp Stands, Shanxi Province, C19th (H158cm )

Tall Black Lacquered Adjustable Candlesticks, Shanxi Province, C19th (H158cm )

Black Lacquer Hanger with Dragon Heads, Shanxi Province, C19th (W132 D41(feet) H124cm)

Black Lacquered Garment Hanger with Gold Dragon Heads, Shanxi Province C19th (W130 D27 )

Red Lacquered Garment Hanger with Gilt Dragon Heads, Fujian Province, C19th (W136 D35 H151 cm)

Red Lacquered Garment Hanger, Fujian Province, C19th (W133 D34 H153 cm)

HOLD- Black Lacquered Hanger, Shanxi Province, C19th (W64(dragon heads) H120(top rail) D31(base) cm)

SOLD Black Lacquered Hanger with Geometric Base, Shanxi Province, C19th (W59 H125 cm)

SOLD-Hanger with Lattice Decor, Shanxi Province, C19th (W79 H138 cm)

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