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Beautifully Crafted and Rare Chinese Antiques

Each Piece in the Collection is Unique - Enhancing Interiors, Lasting Generations

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The Collection’s inspirational late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) antiques are mostly from the renowned Shanxi Province, and their fine craftsmanship gives each unique piece character and presence. These timeless pieces can grace home interiors with artistic finesse in countless ways and each piece in all its individuality speaks for itself.

Featured Pieces

Our Featured Pieces highlight aspects of the history and culture of China.  At this timely mid-point of the year, to some celebrated as the Dragon Boat Festival, we feature a garment hanger and highback chairs with fortuitous dragon carvings. Within the complex use of symbolism in China, the dragon reigns supreme.

About The Collection

Sharon Fitzsimmons’ experience in Chinese antiques spans over 25 years. With a team of experts she has curated this late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) collection, selecting each piece herself in China.

Her collection criteria encompass authenticity, craftsmanship, design, rarity and functionality, resulting in iconic pieces that enhance the decorative themes of any interior.

With pieces in homes worldwide, Chinese Antique Furniture has earned an enviable reputation for quality of products and customer service.


Now more than ever home is where we seek peace, tranquility and regeneration. We look for beauty, meaning and authenticity in home furnishings, beacons of stability and history that intrigue and speak to us. In this context, Chinese accent pieces have always enhanced the interiors of cognescenti.

Sharon Fitzsimmons